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Advertlets , blog, Online Marketing, make money online, seo, dota, adsense If you guys notice, I recently added a new survey form on my side bar.. It’s a survey plus advertisement from Advertlets. Need to make more money with your blog? Tired of international blog advertising programs that display advertisements irrelevant to your blog readers? Tired of making little money from international online advertising programs, because there aren`t enough advertisers for your region? Advertlets provides targeted advertising through the means of real time demographics profiling for your blog – meaning, you get local advertisers, matched with the target audience for your blog.

adverlets, review, blog, make money online, adsense, seo For instance, Advertlets wouldn`t show ads on your blog for make-up and high heels if we found you had 80% male visitors. They also offer interesting formats to display advertisements – sidebar ads, and also sponsored polls. I can even make money getting paid to review local products and services.

I don`t just get paid, they also provide innovative polling system for your use – find out what who my readers are, by putting up the demographics polls for users to submit their details. This way, I get a unique service to learn more about my blog readers even before making my first dollar with Advertlets.

Advertlets, bloging, making online money, seo, dota
The developers of Advertlets, Josh Lim & Associates have been in digital marketing for many years, and have provided web design services for many prominent local clients. Hence, this existing relationship with current Josh Lim & Associates clients gives us greater confidence and credibility to procure lots of advertising for bloggers within the Advertlets Network.

Lastly, Advertlets allow bloggers to vote on new site features and advertising formats, which allows them to upgrade the Advertlets Network over time, to suit my needs even more.

With these advantages, sign up now with Advertlets today and enjoy the win-win benefit 🙂 As a reward for all the users who have signed up with, and as a €œput the money where our mouth is action on the strength of the Advertlets network – they are giving RM50 each away to 300 Malaysian Advertlets Bloggers, just for you to review their service on your blog!


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