Amazing Etch-a-Sketch Art by George Vlosich III

George Vlosich III started etching at the age of ten in 1989 on a trip to Washington where he did the Capitol, and the rest is history. His works take up to 40 to 50 hours to complete. They are signed by famous athletes and celebrities from President Clinton to Garth Brooks, Michael Jordan, Cal Ripken, Ken Griffey, Jim Brown, and Ali to his latest meeting with Vice President Al Gore.

He’s been featured in over 250 newspapers including the Chicago Tribune, USA Today, Baseball Weekly, Baltimore Sun and his hometown The Cleveland Plain Dealer. He has appeared on Family Channel, CNN, World News Tonight, BBC featuring the Beatles, Regis and Kathy, Nickelodeon with Joe Namath, Fox All Star Game, NBA Inside Stuff, Game of the Week with Michael Jordan. One of his favorite pieces was purchased by ESPN Zone Restaurant in Baltimore and made into a 6 ft. reproduction. Articles have been written about George in People Magazine, Boys Life, Nickelodeon, Beckett and Sports Illustrated plus collectible magazines. He was commissioned by Topps to do ten 1998 baseball cards.

Etch-a-Sketch Art - George Vlosich III
George demonstrated his talent and works at Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame. He’s available to demonstrate his works drawing big crowds wherever he goes. He has originals and prints for sale. Check out some of his art-work..

George Vlosich III Art Etch-a-Sketch Art

Etch-a-Sketch Art - George Vlosich III
Etch-a-Sketch Art - George Vlosich III

Here’s a clip of George being interviewed on TV..

I also found an interesting high-tech Etch-a-Sketch robot!

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