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Dragon Origami Satoshi Kamiya
Satoshi Kamiya (born 1981) is one of the most advanced origami masters in the world. From the time he learned origami at age two, Satoshi has made hundreds of origami models, his most famous being two dragons, one called the Divine Dragon Bahamut and the other called the Ancient Dragon. Satoshi based many of his models, including the dragons, on Japanese manga episodes.

Here`s video featuring three of origami master Satoshi Kamiya`s greatest works. As you can see, he creates each of them with a single gigantic sheet of paper. This red dragon above took 6 hours of folding. Satoshi Tyrannosaurus Origmai Origami Most of Satoshi’s origami is extremely complex; the dragons require around 275 steps each and need to be made from 20″ squares of thin paper or foil. He has also made a Blue Whale, a woolly mammoth, a saber-toothed tiger, various dinosaurs including a Tyrannosaurus, a wizard (a rare example of asymmetrical origami), and even a third, unpublished, Chinese dragon, Ryu-zin with scales, mustache, claws and horns. Satoshi has recently published a book with many of his models, clearly diagrammed in English and Japanese, for the elite and experienced folder.

You can check out more of Satoshi Kamiya`s works, such as this amazing mammoth, at the gallery section of his personal website. Some of Satoshi works..

Satoshi Origami



Dinasour Origami Kamiya

Origami Satoshi Kamiya DotA
Here’s a clip of Satoshi himself in action 🙂

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