Art: Cool Recycled Purse made out of Lays Potato Chip Wrapper

Cool Recycled Purse made out of Lays Potato Chip Wrapper Potato Chips Warpper, Art, Craft, Cool Stuff, Crafter, Creative, Recycle, USA, Bloger, Origami, Lays, Here’s an amazing craft done using Lays Potato Chips Wrapper Purse I stumble upon 😛 Want to learn how to make one? Check out the instruction below to make one of your own 😀 Cut each potato chip bag into 2 X 4 1/2 pieces. Using a rotary cutter makes it fast. I use potato chip bags, cookie packages, ramen noodle packages, anything really. I’ve tried some heavy plastics but they are hard to slide into each other, they want to stick. With the large potatoe chip bags it only takes about 20 bags to make a whole purse. (I think, don’t quote me on that, that’s what i tried to figure out one time.

Cut magazine pages the same size as each chip bag piece. Each piece you fold will have a piece of magazine paper in it to make it very sturdy. Folding instructions for each piece can be found at €¦€¦.. start with #3 on the instruction sheet because your pieces are already cut to size.

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