Art:Horse Photo Animation – After Muybridge by Cassandra C. Jones



“After Muybridge” is a loop made from 12 stock photographs that are sequenced to re-create the locomotion of a galloping horse. The animation was modeled after one of Eadweard Muybridge‘s most famous motion studies called “Daisy”. Cassandra C. Jones sifted through over 5,000 digital images to find 12 that matched his original photos. Check out the video clip below. Amazing 🙂

The Internet allows Cassandra C. Jones to access the over-abundance of everyday photographs, taken of everyday things, in every possible position.


By collecting enough images of any one thing, including a running horse, Cassandra C. Jones can place them in an order to re-invent or re-animate life.


More clips from Cassandra C. Jones

Single Frame Animation 8, 2007, HD Video, Loop, 10 Sec. Clip, Silent. from Cassandra C. Jones on Vimeo.


Snow Throw, 2012, HD Video, Loop, 10 sec. clip, Silent. from Cassandra C. Jones on Vimeo.

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