Super cool dancing by 6 yr old B-girl, Terra of Soul Mavericks crew, at Chelles Battle Pro 2013 in France. Check her dance moves out :D

Dance Prodigy B-girl Terra Becomes Viral Sensation


The Wolverhampton, England, tot known as “B-girl Terra” wowed the crowd – and the Web – with her break-dancing routine during Baby Battle division of the Chelles Battle Pro competition, held in Paris.


The little breakdancer schooled her competition, a boy who appears to be about twice her size and several years older (not to mention a great dancer in his own right).


Clad in a grey tracksuit with pink stripes, little Terra’s kicks, twists and twirls have garnered more than a million YouTube views since the video was uploaded on Sunday.


As a member of U.K. B-Boy dance group, Soul Mavericks, Terra’s performance on Saturday

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Some favorite sets from Chelles Battle Pro 2013 Chelles, France, March 2, 2013

Source: Youtube , http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20679441,00.html

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