Awesome Date at KLCC Aquaria Kuala Lumpur Part 1


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I went for a reverse date to KLCC Aquaria with my girlfriend last month.. The aquarium is open from 11am 8pm daily, with last admission at 7pm , it is open to the public even on school and public holidays. Here’s some photos from KLCC Aquaria trip.

Before we went down to Aquaria, we had lunch at a organic shop in SS2..

Organic Shop ss2

haha.. eat some healthy food 😛

Organic Shop SS2

I ordered mushroom fried rice..

Organic Mushroom Fried Rice
and some vege soup..nice!

Organic Vege Soup

After lunch, we went straight to KLCC Aquaria,

KLCC Aquaria, Kuala Lumpur Aquarium

bought the tickets for entrace, it cost RM 28 per person, make sure you bring along your MyKad to entitle for a special discount.. Malaysian citizen only 😛
KLCC Aquaria Tickets

The first area that you will see is the touch pool where you can touch some sea creatures like star fish, lobster, etc..

star fish at KLCC Aquaria

Touch Pool, Starfish

keke.. I got you!! don’t try to run away 😛

haha.. I got you

don’t play play..they even have electric fish 😛

Electric Eel, KLCC Aruaria

then we can see some turtles under the Malaysian Turtle Conservation Programme..

baby turtles

Turtles are threatened at every stage in their life-cycle. Aquaria KLCC has started a Turtle Conservation programme in collaboration with KUSTEM (Kolej Universiti Sains & Teknologi Malaysia) & The Department of Fisheries in aid and support of the rehabilitation, conservation, research, and education in turtle conservation. Turtle at Aquaria KLCC

The species in the conservation and rehabilitation programmes are the endangered Green turtle (Chelonia mydas), the endangered Hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata);

diving turtle

the critically endangered River terrapin (Batagur baska) and the endangered Painted terrapin (Callagur borneoensis).
Turtle Conservation

Aquaria KLCC is conceptualized & built based on the Journey of water from land to sea. So as you embark on a journey from misty mountains down majestic rivers, through lush rainforests and waterlogged mangroves, you can different animals from the rainforest.. here’s a slimmy looking green snake..rainforest snake

more snakes..

green snake, aquaria KLCC

a sleepy iguana..

sleppy iguana, klcc aquaria

and a gigantic forest toad..

ugly gigantic toad

a giant black beetle..

giant black beetle

there even a funny looking monkey which keep climbing around..

monkey, klcc aquaria

very hard to get a good shot at him 😛

klcc aquarria, monkey, long tail

ei… where my food??

where my food ? money
As you dive deeper to navigate through colorful coral reefs and dive head on into the ominous deep blue sea…

tube fish, klcc aquaria

this is one strange looking tube fish..

fishes at KLCC Aquairium, Aquaria

Experience a €˜face-to-face` encounter with some of the most unusual, unique and enchanting marine animals.

Aquaria at KLCC, Sea World Malaysia

I was fascinated by the sea horse, frog fish, eels and other enchanting strange life forms that exist in the depths of the ocean.

Flooded Forest Tube Tank, KLCC Aquaria KLCC Aquaria Flooded Firest Tank

Flooded Forest Tube Tank

This unique 5.3 metre high Flooded Forest Tube tank enchants visitors with aquatic exhibits that languidly swim within the water column up to the treetops..

Flooded Rain Forest Tube, KLCC Aquaria

Check out the amount of fishes in the tube tank..very amazing 🙂

terapin, klcc Aquaria

fishes in klcc aquaria

color fish, aquarium KLCC, Aquaria

Sorry need to stop here first.. to be continue later in part II while I upload the rest of the photos which will include the Aqua Theatre, Shark feeding videos, and the Underwater Tunnel… come back soon! 😀

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Some info about KLCC Aquaria:

Address :Aquaria KLCC Concourse Level
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
50088 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel: 603-2333 1888 Fax: 6-03-2380 0069 Fax for Aquaria: 2333 0110

Open daily including public holidays from 10:00am – 8:00pm (last admission 7:00 pm)

For general inquires:


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