Britney Spears – Religion Changes because of her Man?


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Britney leaving the Chateau Marmont, Jan. 30, 2007, top, and shopping in Beverly Hills, March 16, 2005, bottom. (left), Ramey Photo (right)

Britney Spears has traded in the crucifixes and red strings for the Star of David. Is the Hebrew symbol in homage to her new man, a Jewish model-actor named Isaac Cohen?

Spears, 25, who was raised Southern Baptist, wore Christian crosses on a regular basis before Madonna turned her on to Kabbalah in 2003.

The pop singer began studying the mystical offshoot of Judaism and started wearing the religion’s famed red string bracelet designed to ward off the €œevil eye. Then, in May 2006, she announced that she was giving up Kabbalah, saying €œmy baby is my religion.

But Spears` neck found a new faith Monday night when she showed off her new Star of David necklace when she and Cohen, 25, were on their way home from the Chateau Marmont.

In the midst of this game of religion musical chairs, one thing is clear: It`s time someone has a €œcome to Jesus with the girl, and we speak not of religion but of hair color. She dyed it black again on Sunday night!

This sort of premeditated follicular hairslaughter cannot go ignored, Brit. Your hair will only put up with this sort of abuse for so long. Then one day you`ll wake up and find that it has left you for good, and there`s going to be nothing left to attach the extensions to, you`re going to go bald, and your children will wonder why they`re now being raised by a middle-aged man. Don`t let it get that far.

Can we get an amen?

Talk to Us: Why do you think Britney changes religions so much?

Source : US Magazine

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