Adsense: New AdSense interface now available globally in Beta!

Google-New-Adsense-Goodle-2010-HOTWe are excited to introduce the new AdSense interface, now available globally in beta. Inspired by direct feedback from you, our publishers, the new interface includes features designed to help you make more money with AdSense by giving you more actionable performance data, offering you more control over the ads that appear on your sites, and helping you manage your account more efficiently. Continue reading Adsense: New AdSense interface now available globally in Beta!

Adsense:Insight into your Earnings Part II: How Smart Pricing Fits In

Google-ADSENSE-Hal-Varian-Smart-Pricing Last week, in the first half of our series designed to help you better understand your earnings, we introduced you to the ad auction for AdSense for content. To recap, eligible ads compete to appear on your pages; our ad auction determines which ads show, and how much you can potentially earn from them.

Now, let’s talk about smart pricing, a tool designed to help advertisers bid efficiently and effectively on many publishers’ ad auctions at once. Our Chief Economist, Hal Varian, explains the purpose of smart pricing, how it plays a role in the ad auction, and how it benefits the entire advertising ecosystem of publishers, advertisers, and users. Continue reading Adsense:Insight into your Earnings Part II: How Smart Pricing Fits In

Adsense:Insight into your Earnings Part I: Explaining the ad auction

adsense-connection-seo “Why do I earn more money from some ads and less from others? Why do my AdSense for content earnings vary from day to day, or week to week?”

If you’ve asked yourself questions like these before, you’re not alone — we often hear from publishers that they’re unsure of how earnings are calculated and why their earnings fluctuate. As part of our efforts to be more transparent with publishers, we’re kicking off a two-part series to help explain these topics. With the help of Hal Varian, the Chief Economist here at Google, we’ll show you how ads are targeted to your pages, priced by the ad auction, and translated into the earnings you receive. Continue reading Adsense:Insight into your Earnings Part I: Explaining the ad auction

AdSense: Introducing Themed Ads in Custom Search

Google-Adsense-Themed-Ads-Custom-Search-SEO-1Latest features for Adsense publisher, Themed Ads in Custom Search! Check out this post from Inside Adsense blog. Read on more… Last year, we took a big step forward in improving customization of the look and feel of results by providing plug-n-play themes in the Custom Search Element. This enabled you to choose from among a palette of predefined styles. You can find a style that matches your website and start using search, or further customize the style if you like. We’re taking themes one step further. Each theme now has ads displayed with a look and feel that match the overall style used for the search results.

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Adsense: Better Contextual Matching

Google , Adsense, Making Money Online, Content Publisher, Inside Adsense, Tips, News, Adsense Latest, Contextual Matching, referral URL, contextually relevant ads, referral URL, SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Web Marketing, Internet Marketing, Google Links, search engine results As an AdSense partner, you know that Google is continually making improvements to the way we match ads to your content so that users see even more relevant ads, which should help you make more money over time.

A “Referral URL” is one of many signals we use to deliver contextually relevant ads on your website. The referral URL contains information about the link a user followed to arrive at your website, whether from a search engine or another site on the Internet. Any webmaster for any site can look at referral URLs to see how users arrive at their site.

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Tips & Tricks: Top Tips for great Keywords by Google Adwords

Tips Tricks, Google, Adwords, negative keywords,  Cost-per-click, CPC, Tips, Tricks, Make Money Online, Internet Trafic, Adwords-advertising, Google Adwords, keywords, search-terms, seo Here’s are some Top Tips for great keywords by Google Adwords. Keywords are the search terms (words or phrases) which trigger your ad, and they are critical to the success of your AdWords advertising. This email explains how you can choose the most effective keywords, assess your keyword performance and how this affects the amount you pay.
A great keyword is:

  • Ideally, 2-3 words long
  • Specific (keywords that are too broad or general will not reach users as effectively as keywords that are highly targeted)
  • Directly related to the text in your ad
  • Directly related to the page your ad links to (specified by the destination URL)

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Try Google AdWords with $250 in FREE Advertising

Freebies, AdWords campaign, Google Adwords, Free Stuff, Earn Money Online, Internet Markerting, Web Traffic, $250, Free Adwords Credit, Making Money Online, Free Stuff, Coupon CodesAre looking to expand your business online? getting more traffic to your website? Kick off an AdWords campaign today with the $250 coupon you recently received in the mail.*

AdWords lets you reach people at the moment they’re searching for what you offer. Your $250 coupon is a great way to try this accountable advertising medium free of charge. Coupon expires January 31, 2009.

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Adsense: Keyword Fundamentals Will Determine Your Website Success

SEO, Adsense, Adwords, Google, Make Money Online, e-commerce, Online Business,Keyword, Page Rank, Making Income Online, Keyword research, Fish Eat Fish, Keyword Fundamentals, Business leaders Successful sports teams have engrained in their heads the fundamentals of their sports. Business leaders and coaches alike who dwell on the fundamentals usually have the most successful outcomes. Failure is almost always rooted in a deviation from the fundamentals. So if your website is not delivering clients, perhaps you’re missing the fundamentals.

Part of the answer is no one actually taught you the fundamentals of website success. Most businesses understand the need for a website, few understand the fundamentals. Getting your website to deliver clients is an exercise in fundamentals. First and foremost is a back to basics, grass roots understanding of your market, website style.

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SEO: How To Takeover The First Page Of Google

adsense, ctr, david-wood, dominating-google, google, how-to, internet-marketing, make-money-online, massive-traffic, online-business, pagerank, search-engine-optimization, seo, takeover-first-page-of-google, web-marketing, web-traffice Instead of giving you a cheap “I’m the guru” explanation, I want to actually SHOW you how I rank in Google, by getting one of my brand new videos to pop up in the first few results for a competitive search term.

What I’m actually going to do is get the video “Efusjon Review” to be listed in the top few results in Google over the next few days to a week. By the way, that phrase is being competed for by a million people right now, so it won’t be the easiest result in the universe – also, the video isn’t really an Efusjon Review, it’s actually a commercial for my website. I know, I know, I’m brilliant. Continue reading SEO: How To Takeover The First Page Of Google