Demands non-refundable USD$199 Reactivation Fee on

godaddy-sucks,, non-refundable,usd199,suspended domain,hosting, refund my moneyIf you wondered how come my site was down for the past 2 weeks, here’s actually what happen.. my domain was suspended by and was demanded to pay USD$199 in order to activate back my domain just because of some auto-alert e-mails that was sent out from a WordPress plug-in that I installed. It’s seems really unfair because they could have inform me to de-activate the plug-in first before suspending my domain, and after that ask me to pay them $199 or choose to change my domian to another hosting company. Check out what the mails sent by them when I requested for them to reduce or re-consider charging the so called exorbitant administrative fee $199 fees that they says in their T&C as “reasonableContinue reading Demands non-refundable USD$199 Reactivation Fee on

Trip to Carey Island

Trip , Travel, Selangor, Pualu Carey, Oil Plantation, Carey Island, Mah-Meri, Malaysia, Seafood, Beach, Sea shell, Hermit crabs, Labor Day, Holiday Photos of the group trip to Carey Island 🙂 Here’s some facts from Wikipedia about Carey Island..
Carey Island or Pulau Carey is an island in Selangor, Malaysia. Carey Island is located to the south of Port Klang and north of Banting town. It is a huge island separated from the Selangor coast by the Klang River, connected by a bridge from Chondoi and Teluk Panglima Garang near Banting. It was named after Valentine Carey, a former British civil service officer in Malaya. Despite its name, many locals from Klang do not consider it a real island compared to Pulau Ketam due to its proximity to the mainland and the river that separates it from the mainland is practically a stream. Continue reading Trip to Carey Island