Chitika: Related Product Unit (RPU) is now open to all Chitika users


Chitika,Make Money Online, Shop Online, Chitika RPU,Related Product Unit,Monetize, Website Related Product Unit (RPU) is now open to all Chitika users!! The RPU first launched exclusively to select publishers for testing, during which time we received tons of great feedback on how effective this unit is for publishers. Read more to find out 5 Quick Money-Earning RPU Facts..
And it is now open to the whole Chitika network. RPU example:

Your wait is over, Click your RPU Code tab and join hundreds of publishers who increased their revenue using eMiniMalls and RPU.

About RPU
The RPU is designed to work exclusively for blogs and news/article based sites that works as a simple, non-intrusive text link format that integrates right in to your content.

The RPU has instantly become one of the most successful ad units across our network. Our users experienced overall revenue increases and enjoyed it`s complete customization features. Publishers love this ad unit because it doesn`t look like an ad.

Use the RPU to:

  • Monetize space which has traditionally gone un-monetized
  • Provide your users with a logical  next place to click
  • Keep your readers happy – the RPU is completely non-intrusive

1. The RPU is completely non-contextual and can be customized to match the EXACT look and feel of your site by modifying the RPU CSS!

2. Ever wonder why there`s a  What`s this? link next to your RPU? That little link earns you referral revenue for 15 months!

3. The RPU is PRODUCT-centric not DEAL-centric. So when you`re blogging about a specific product, your visitors will see deals similar to YOUR product – not just other deals.

4. Have you ever been able to customize the title of your ad unit? RPU lets you name your unit! EXAMPLE CODE: ch_att = Popular Related GPS;

The RPU was specially designed to be placed right at the end of your blog post or story. This works perfectly in sync with a review of a product because once a visitor is done reviewing a product the RPU gives them the information to take their interest to the next level: purchasing options.

If you haven’t got sign up for a Chikita account today and start earning here..Chitika Related Product Unit (RPU)

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