Church: “Independance” Seremban Church Service on August 11, 2007

Seremban Church Service ,Independance

Hi guys, come join us for Seremban church service on Saturday, 11th August 2007. The service will be held at Chung Hwa Old Student Association Hall and the theme is “Independance”. We live in an era where we take pride in our independence, living in a country now free from the control or influence of others, being able to stand on our own two feet and being in control of our destiny and life style. But, are we truly free? Are we really in control of our lives? Come, join us for an evening of understanding and see that real independance is all about..

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Seremban Church Service ,Independance


Saturday, 11th August 2007

Seremban Chung Hwa Old Student Association Hall
No. 190, 3rd Floor,
Wisma Chung Hwa,
Jln Munawir, 70000 Seremban

Seremban Chung Hwa Old Student Association Hall Map

Sponsored by Central Christian Church of Kuala Lumpur and Singapore

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