Cool Stuff : Amazing Magic Trick – Smoking Fingers!


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Ever seen the trick by magician where smoke comes they rub their finger together? Check out this cool video that teach you how to do it.. simple but amazing! Enjoy 🙂

Note : The residue created in this process contains Urea fomaldahyde, which is a known carcinogen, and Red phosphorus, which can be potentially harmful. The smoke you see is the red phosphorus vapourising caused by the heat produced through friction. However, it should be pointed out that red phosphorus can revert to white phoshorus under frictional heat. White phosphorus is highly toxic! Formaldahyde is used for embalming. It changes cell structure permanently. It’s ok for dead people but not for the living.
Cell deformity can cause cancer. If you have to try this experiment please wear latex gloves.

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