Crazy Funny Light-saber Wushu Fighting Girls

Crazy Funny Light-saber Wushu Fighting Girls, Star Wars, gymnastic , lightsaber girls , lightsaber, son schice poop, Lichtschwert

Muahaha.. this is a funny clip showing some chinese girls using light-saber during wushu performace 😛

Note from video creator

There are several copies of this floating around on youtube, but i made this video back in ’02.

The reason I made it was because I was not very impressed by of the lightsaber videos made by fanboys, rotoscoped video of bad sword fighting just makes bad lightsaber fighting.

I thought it would be interesting to see what would be possible if real footage featuring real professional level wushu was used.

I used my video of the Jiangsu Wushu team’s women’s sparring set at the 9th All China Games, and then used Adobe Photoshop to rotoscope in the lightsabers. Sound FX were added in Adobe Premiere.

The results aren’t perfect, but i think its good enough to illustrate the point.

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