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Car sales woman has a bad first day at work and decides to show off her drifting skills to her customers.

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Leona Chin gained internet fame from the prank video of a pro racer ‘playing dumb’ before her mad skills was unleashed on unsuspecting driving instructors. The video has gained 39 million views to date and ‘Fast and Furious’ fans would be drooling over her rubber-burning skills . This professional motorsport athlete from Malaysia gives us insight on her passion and journey on this thrilling activity.

Leona explained that she loved cars ever since she was in high school and got herself a Nissan 180sx during college. She met a friend who offered to teach her how to drift in return for some website designing and volunteering at events. He would teach her one to one drift basics after his events were over. “After I learned the basics, eventually I took part his drift events to gain experience and knowledge. I learned to change my own tires and learn the basics of car modifications. After several track days and competition events, I was approached by a energy drink team and joined a female driver search to race in endurance race. I was the fastest lady in the team and races in the endurance race namely Merdeka Millennium 12 hrs Endurance Race and Sepang 1000km Endurance Race. After that I left the team and went on my own to secure sponsors to race in other types of motorsports such as Gymkhana, Autocross, Time Attack, Circuit Racing, Go Kart, Drag Racing, and Rally.” Leona told TallyPress.

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