DotA: Building a Pudge aka Flesh Golem Warcraft Papercraft

DotA: Building a Pudge Papercraft, DotA, Warcraft, Dota-Allstars, Heroes, Meat HookHere’s a fun time making your own DotA hero “Pudge” aka Warcraft “Flesh Golem” papercraft.. very simple, just download the pdf files, print it out and glue them together.. Enjoy 🙂

To change colors, you need Pepakura Viewer Go to configuration, texture configuration and choose one of the texture that’s in the file. Download Pudge papercraft files here

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Showing the power of Death in brute force, Pudge roams the battlefield searching for flesh to assimilate to his own gruesome body. Over the years, his skin has toughened to resist magic, while developing a stench potent enough to kill the bravest of heroes. With his hook he can drag enemies to their demise by his great maw in a matter of seconds. The Butcher is a monstrosity feared by enemies and allies alike.

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