DotA: Download Warcraft DotA 6.54b Ai Plus v1.52 Revision 1 Map

DotA: Download Warcraft DotA 6.54 Ai AI Plus v1.52 Revision 1 Map DotA, Download, Warcraft, DotA , WOW, 6.54 Ai , AI Plus, v1.52 ,Revision 1,Download Map, Gaming, Fun, Network, DotA-Allstars, DotA Ai Map Check out the latest Warcraft DotA 6.54 Ai AI Plus v1.52 Revision 1 Map.. download the map at links below 🙂

-First update to 6.54b
-Fixed the way AI Meepo purchases items with clones
-Fixed Last Word
-Fixed AI bots not learning Last Word (Silencer), Diffusion Aura (Necrolyte), or Command Aura (Vengeful Spirit)
-Fixed Impale affecting Juggernaut during Blade Fury or Omnislash
-Fixed hotkey conflict with learning Degen Aura on Void Demon
-Updated Phantom Lancer AI to properly use new Spirit Lance
-Updated Shadow Priest AI to properly use new Shallow Grave and Weave
-Changed behaviour of Mana Leak to not trigger on Invoker’s reagents (as in 6.53) and Bottle (as in 6.54b)
-Changed the way AI Syllabear purchases items with level 4 Spirit Bear
-AI bots will drop muted items when given items by players; in -pm, AI will be unable to receive items from players
-AI bots can now properly buy, use, and sell Bottles
-Changed the way Lucky Stars looks and behaves to better reflect how it did in 6.06
-Changed the scaling on Mass Haste for levelling so that it’s less…stupid
-Changed AI item builds for Viper, Priestess of the Moon, Queen of Pain, Nevermore, Vengeful Spirit, Troll, Dirge, Omniknight, Chaos Knight, and Morphling
-Restored Lanaya’s AI, because it doesn’t seem to make a difference on crashes
-Added warning message for when player or computer picks Lanaya; bots should not pick Lanaya unless through -ar or -tr
-Added new command -oldinvokelist, which replaces the Old Invoker spell list in the quest menu
-Separated the Fun Tavern into two separate ones for Remade heroes and Extinct heroes
-Added God of Wind (6.01) to Fun Tavern (Extinct)

Download Map Link below..

Dota Allstars 6.54b AIPlus v1.52 Revision 1 Download Link 1
Dota Allstars 6.54b AIPlus v1.52 Revision 1 Download Link 2

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