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Here’s the latest DotA AllStars 6.43b AI+ Map from v1.2 to v1.4

Change Log – New:
-“-tm”,”-testmode” added, Test Mode -> grants all single player abilities (like -gold, -refresh) plus more
-“-mc”,”-msupercreeps” added, Modified Super Creeps
-all ai commands can be started with either “-o”, “-c” or ” c” (exception: -aid)
-“-oneut” – turns ally neutral creeping on/off (default: on)
-“-oauto” – turns auto lane changing on/off (default: on)
-“-ob” now asks bots to stay back
-“-of” asks bots to go to fountain (was “-ob”)
-“-osd”, Stay To defend – asks bots to stay on the base to defend, they do not leave the base until you ordered them to attack
“-oui” – command dialog
-Each hero has 2 possible item builds
-Basic ward/gem usage

-“-hm” is now “-st”,”-supertower”
-“-sa” is replaced by “-he”,”-highexp”. This is to prevent confusion form Cloud_str’s -sa, which granted abilities than extra exp/gold. The gold bonus from this mode is removed.
-“-hg”,”-highgold” now has the bonus gold.
-“-ally”/”-foe” is replaced by “-pa”/”-pe” which resembles Cloud_str’s manualpick
-added special AI support to item drop mode, also fixed Mirror mode
-uses Tango instead of Flasks
-ai commands that asks for a player number does not require 2 digit numbers, and one can input more than 1 number by using “,” (exception: -cs)
-more proactive escape scripts
-focus at mid lane is reduced
-fixed bug about unneeded buying (reviving) of heroes
-AI has a slight chance to be confused from images
-higher neutral creeping rates, they would now also attack more creepcamps
-many changes/fixes to item builds, skill builds and skill usage for many heroes

Known bugs:

-AI attacks all items that they cannot pick up, otherwise they pick it up. Ive added an exception wherein they will not attack/pick up an item when it’s owner is near the item and is an ally of the bot. However, the aegis is not included since Roshan owns it.
-They have the tendency to use pact-like abilities to persuaded/summoned creeps (except Enigma’s skill).
-Enemy corpses are still considered intruders when defending the base.
-Ursa uses Overpower early game.
-After dying, AI picks from both sides’ taverns in normal dm mode.
-AI sometimes deny “undeniable” low HP towers.
-Problems when using -random with -pa/-pe. Use -par/-per instead.

For those who do not know this AI version, This is based from Cloud_str’s 6.27b AI v1.70 but has now become different. The name “AI+” does not mean its better/leet etc. but because the unreleased early versions of this map has extra characters like Kael, Maverick etc. The “+” is not removed when it is released to the public. (Yes this is supposedly a private version, so expect a degree of unfriendlyness from this map)

If you have noticed, -pa/-pe is based from Cloud_str’s -mp and -oui is based from -cd.

Download Map : DotA_Allstars_v6.43b_AIplus_v1.4.w3x ( 2.03 MB )

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