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Warcarft Wallpaper, Dota Wallpaper, DotA AllStars ,v6.51 , AI Maps, Network Game, Fun, Games, AI, Map, Change Log, Download, Free, Mega kill, 5.51 Muahaha.. time for the latest DotA All-Stars v6.51 with AI Maps !! Download link at bottom of the page.. Enjoy 😀

DotA AllStars v6.51 Change Log

* Fixed a bug with Kellen`s Dagger that caused it to sometimes not get disabled when hit

* Fixed Land Mines tooltip

* Increased cast range of Kelen`s Dagger

* Undid previous Bottle changes. Bottle now works as follows: Costs 600 gold, does not require mana to refill, auto-fills it when you are near fountain, rune refills it to full, resells at 50% like normal, purchasable at base only, regenerates less than previously, has no usage cooldown.

* Fixed Medusa`s Mana Shield from triggering Essence Aura

* Fixed Searing Arrows` tooltip

* Changed Hyperstone purchase hotkey to fix a conflict

* Fixed a bug with Invoker when creating illusions

* Updated Kelen`s Dagger tooltip

* Undid some of Morphling`s base damage buff from last version

* Fixed Bloodrage tooltip

* Fixed Pulse Nova and Invoker`s Reagents from triggering Last Word

* Smokescreen interrupts teleportation once again

* Color coded Invoker`s spell descriptions (203050)

* Improved Sange`s percentage and Yasha`s percentage, and lowered the recent buff on S&Y a little

* Fixed Vladmir`s Offering sell cost

* Increased Counter Helix chance by 2%

* Minor bonus armor in True Form

* Improved the effect timing on Split Earth (187877)

* -swapcancel code is triggered when a swap is successful (to prevent other accidental swaps)

* Improved Shuriken Toss cast range

* Added new Backtrack icon (183079)

* Changed Battlefury recipe slightly

* Lowered Poof casting time from 2 to 1.5 seconds

* Lowered Elder Dragon Form`s manacost and cooldown a little

* Added neutrals field to -cs

* Changed Phantom Edge`s secondary ability from evasion to magic resistance

* Replaced Phantom Assassin`s Shadow Strike with a different similar ability (132694)

* Fixed a minor coding bug with Time Lapse

* Fixed Impale based spells from moving Juggernaut during Omnislash

* Added new icon for Melting Strike

* Reduced some lag with Invoker

* Fixed level 1 March of the Machines doing slightly less damage than intended

* Removed stock cooldown on Ironwood Branch

* Added a new system that tracks when you help an ally kill a hero (no gameplay ramifications at this point)

* -swap is now allowed in -sd

* Fixed some minor neutrals` vision and pathing glitches

* Lowered level 1 and 2 cast range on Replicate

* Lowered Phantom Assassin`s cast animation time

* Fixed a bug with Exorcism`s cooldown after leveling Witchcraft

* Fixed some issues with -ah

* Refined how some kill related messages and sounds are shown

* Increased mana regeneration on Perseverance by 25%

* Lowered Buriza recipe by 250 gold

* Changed Voodoo Restoration to heal over a smoother interval (same total regen)

* Lowered Manta Style`s cooldown a bit

* Fixed a bug with Voodoo Restoration and Impales

* Fixed a bug with invoker in -spreverse

* Fixed some inconsistencies with tower visions (TheLoneWolf14)

* Increased duration of Lycanthrope`s wolves a bit and allowed them to attack air

* Temporarily disabled -unstuck command

Download DotA Allstars v6.51 with AI Here

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