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DotA-AllStar-Heroes-Necromancer-Warcraft-AdsenseDotA-AllStar-Heroes-Necromancer-Warcraft Digg!

I found a cool site that let you print and make a papercraft of Necromancer.. check it out!! Just print this hansom fellow out onto photo paper or card, cut and stick together and let the world know where you stand on the supject of undead magicians. An ideal ornament for a desk..

DotA Necromancer DotA-AllStar-Heroes-Necromancer-Warcraft-Adsense DotA-AllStar-Heroes-Necromancer-Warcraft-Art

Print the ‘front’ image, then put the same paper in the printer, coloured side down and print the ‘back’ image.

Full Instructions on how to make it here

Having problems printing the jpgs the right size? right click on the download buttons and ‘save target as’ to save the file to your computer, then open it in something like ‘microsoft picture and fax viewer’ to print correctly.


front jpg

front pdf

DotA Necromancer

back gif

back pdf

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