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DotA AllStars v6.50 Beta 4 AI Map Change Logs

* Cooldown of Linkens is now 20 seconds
* Bottle is in full state at all the shops now (still thinking about this..)
* Fixed Last Word triggering off of Linken Sphere usage
* fixed lothars sell cost
* made Lothar’s 21/21 bonuses
* fixed Lothar’s cooldown
* reduced lothar’s manacost
* Reworked ultimate of Drow Ranger
* Improved range on Drow’s Trueshot Aura
* Increased Morphling’s base damage
* Reduced Replicate manacost and cooldown
* Macropyre cooldown no longer increases per level
* Reduced Expulsion cooldown and manacost
* Improved cast range on Expulsion and Fire Storm
* Lowered Flying Courier HP to the same as regular Courier
* Reduced Sprint’s damage amplification from 20% to 10%
* Improved Keeper of the Light’s attack animation
* Improved Scattershot from 10-35 damage range to 20-35
* Improved Alchemist base Intelligence and growth
* Improved Chemical Rage
* Improved Lich’s Frost Nova cast range by 100
* Improved Vanguard hp regen by 1
* Increased Maledict AOE by 15
* Modified initial projectile speed and effect on Paralyzing Casks
* Increased Phantom Lancer’s STR gain
* Improved lifesteal on Insatiable Hunger level 2 and 3
* Improved cooldown progression on Insatiable Hunger
* Insatiable Hunger is longer removed by cyclone
* Reduced Vladmir’s Offering recipe cost
* Increased Psi Blades range by 10 each level
* Fixed an exploit with Lanaya
* Improved Troll’s movement speed
* Decreased Rampage movement speed bonus
* Decreased Rampage cooldown
* Removed stacking restriction from Bloodstone and improved it’s stats
* Improved Helm of the Dominator damage from 10 to 20
* Improved Spirit Bear’s Demolish
* Improved Oblivion Staff mana regen by 25%
* Increased Lightning Storm cooldown by 2 seconds
* Reworked Eul’s Scepter of Divinity completely
* Reworked Orchid Malevolence completely
* Reduced cooldown on level 4 Metamorphosis from 135 to 110
* Reworked Guinsoo’s Scythe of Vyse completely (check forums for details)
* God’s Strength is longer removed by cyclone
* Reduced Sven’s base armor
* Quarterstaff price reduced
* Improved Sand Storm
* Reduced the slow on Epicenter
* Drastically lowered Quilbeast hitpoints
* Reduced Lina’s movement speed by 5
* Reduced Voidstone by 25 gold
* Improved Enigma’s movement speed
* Improved Enfeeble
* Reduced Ring of Health by 25 gold
* Reduced Queen of Pain’s Blink range at early levels
* Improved Earthshaker movement speed
* Reduced mana cost on dagger and increased cooldown (75->50 mana, 30->60 cooldown)
* Zombies now give a bit less bounty

Download DotA v6.50 Beta4 AI Map >> DotA v6.50 Beta4 AI Map

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