DotA: Latest Warcraft’s DotA AllStars 6.52c Map Download

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Here’s the newest updated DotA All-Stars 6.52c Map download from ..load of bug fixes... download links at the bottom of the page.. Enjoy 🙂

Official DotA AllStars 6.52c Changelog

* Changed some bounty values on Transmuted neutral creeps when using Hand of Midas
* Significantly lowered Ancient of Lore and Temple of the Damned’s armor and increased their HP regeneration (15->5 armor, 2.5->20 HP/sec)
* Fixed a minor bug with Juxtapose
* Fixed some bugs with -pm
* Fixed a bug with capturing a rune using a Bottle from a leaver
* Fixed a minor bug when trying to form Satanic on courier.
* Infest now properly dispels buffs when you go in a unit
* Fixed Marksmanship hotkey
* SinglePlayer’s test commands -lvlup and -refresh now work for multiple heroes
* Siege units now get a minor bonus when the respective range rax (Temple of the Damned/Ancient of Lore) is destroyed
* Fixed Meepo with Aegis of the Immortal
* Fixed some aggro problems with one of the scourge neutral camps
* Fixed an issue with buying an item on a unit as it was dying that resulted in a tome version of the item appearing
* Fixed multiple Dagons with different levels not sharing cooldown
* Fixed a bug with Sandstorm that caused various game glitches with Blackhole and Spectral Dagger
* Fixed a potential suicide issue with Fatal Bonds
* Fixed a minor glitch with Maelstrom triggering Perseverance’s cooldown
* Improved cast range and cooldown on Plague
* Changed Soul Rip allied damage to hp loss to prevent it from dispelling consumables
* Improved damage progression on Slithereen Crush
* Fixed a bug with Morphling in -dm when spawning with melee bashers
* Fixed the recent Morph not transfering stats at proper speed at levels 2 and 3 (DonTomaso)
* Increased Howl’s duration
* Fixed a bug when combining -sd and -du game modes
* Fixed -music from affecting other players
* Removed leaver hero icon when using -kickafk
* Lowered Bounty Hunter’s Wind Walk cooldown
* Fixed an exploit with Time Walk
* Fixed an old rare bug involving Sprout and Spirit Bear
* Fixed a potential bug when healing with Bottle near the fountain
* Fixed a bug with captured rune not expiring when using allied shared Bottle
* Fixed a bug with Spirit Bear dying with bottle in -dm

Download Latest DotA AllStars 6.52c Map Links

DotA AllStars 6.52c Link 1
DotA AllStars 6.52c Link 2
DotA AllStars 6.52c Link 3
DotA AllStars 6.52c Link 4
DotA AllStars 6.52c Link 5
DotA AllStars 6.52c Link 6
DotA AllStars 6.52c Link 7

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