DotA: Unofficial Warcraft DotA AllStars Map v6.49 Version Released


DotA: Unofficial Warcraft DotA AllStars Map 6.49 Version Released

Latest unofficial map version is now available with 4 new items. These are Javelin, Mumm-Ra`s Phylactery, Arctic Hauberk and Axe of Prissan. Some recipe, items and hero skills has been changed like:

1. Boots of Speed + Gloves of Haste + Boots of Elvenskin = Power Treads (no need to buy scroll).
2. Naix`s first skill has been changed. It also gives magic immunity.

You can download this map through this DotA AllStars v6.49 Map Link

Warning: Since this is an unofficial map version, rumors say that it contains keylogger program, which gives access to your PC and gather all your personal information like password or any personal account data.

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