Elizabeth Tan – Police Entry (Official Music Video) & Lyrics


Check out Elizabeth Tan‘s latest single “Police Entry” . She says that her new single, Police Entry, is about people who enjoy lying to their lover, just like her former beau 😮

“Looking at the lyrics, I could dedicate this song to him. It corresponds to how he was like during our relationship then,” said Tan at the launch of the single here yesterday.


Last year, the 25-year-old artiste went through a bad break-up, which saw her suffering from a bout of depression which lasted for a few months.

Despite going through a tough situation then, Elizabeth Tan said that she hold no grudge against him, adding that the dark episode in her life had taught her a valuable lesson and made her a more mature person today.


Police Entry is co-written by recent Anugerah Juara Lagu champ Hael Husaini and Ezra Kong.

Marking her first collaboration with the duo, the tune’s official music video was released on YouTube last night.


Tan also shared her plans of recording two more Malay singles by year end.

“My second single is targeted for an October release while the third would be by end of the year,” said the artiste who is now signed under Warner Music





Elizabeth Tan – Police Entry Lyrics


Eh… rasa hatiku
Eh… benarkah kamu
Milik aku
Eh… kerna ku tak keruan
Apa kau fikirkan

Dah tak usah kamu
Dah sudah ku tahu
Kau menipu
Dah beribunya alasan
Apa kau fikirkan

Hebatnya kamu
Yakinnya kamu
So you wanna play?
Let’s go

Polis and thief
One two jaga
Polis henti pencuri jaga
Gerak-geri kau menduga
Kerja kau menipu saja

Polis and thief
One two jaga
Polis henti baik kau jaga-jaga
Dengan siapa kau menipu
Oo-oo oo-oo
Oo-oo oo-oo
Kau dasar penipu

Benar kau pandai memperdaya
Tapi dirimu tak sedar
Kau sedang diburu


Lagu: Hael Husaini, Ezra Kong (Nova Music, Replay Music)

Lirik: Hael Husaini, Ezra Kong (Nova Music, Replay Music)

Copyright: WM Malaysia & Elene Plt


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