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Pastry,Cooking,Taylor, SEO, DotA Anyone interested to go for Part Time Pastry & Cooking Course? Check out this information below if you want to know more how to make wonderful baking, pastry making and even different types of cuisine from Taylor College and Academie de Toulouse, France. I met this guy from Taylor in Mont Kiara last week while I was to collect donation for HOPE “Scratch & Derma” campaign. Just mention my name when you want to sign up and you can get a special discount 🙂

Taylor`s College,School of Hospitality and Tourism


Academie de Toulouse, France

now offers the

International Certification in Patisserie


International Certification in Cuisine

Part Time Pastry Course

Learn the art of baking and pastry making from our multi-award winning Pastry Chef and obtain an International Certification in Pâtisserie. Jointly awarded by Taylor’s College and the Académie de Toulouse, France, this exciting course provides the knowledge, techniques and artistic skills to prepare a wide selection of classic and contemporary desserts and pastries.

Part Time Cuisine Course

Learn hot cooking techniques from our multi award winning & experienced master chefs and obtain the skills to prepare a variety of fine cuisines and French culinary delights. Also jointly awarded by Taylor’s College and the Académie de Toulouse, France, this exciting course provides the fundamental knowledge of ingredients, techniques and methods commonly used in hot cooking.


* Crepes * Scones * Blueberry Muffins * Short Crust Pastry
* Crème Anglaise * Pancakes * Carrot Nut Muffins * Brownies
* Chocolate Sauce * Tart Alsacienne * Pie Dough * Preparing Quiche
* Pate Sucree
* Fruit Tarts * Creame Patissiere * Chiffon Cake

* Genoise * Strawberry Shortcake * Banana Brandy Bavarois
* Chocolate Genoise * Passion Fruit Bavarois * Black Forest Cake * Bread & Butter Pudding
* Crème Caramel * Chocolate Buttercake * Short Dough * Tarte Aux Pommes
* Apple Crumble * Choux Pastry * Eclair * Cream Puffs
* Paris Brest * Viennese Shortbread * Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
* Tuiles – Demo * Cherry Rolls * Cheesecakes * White Chocolate Mousse
* Carrot Cake * Fruit Cake * Yellow Buttercake * Banana Bread
* Soft Rolls * Baguettes * Chocolate Mousse * Cinnamon Rolls
* Foccacia * Basic Pizza Dough


* Lime marinated scallops mixed with glass noodles & young mango salad

* Pan fried white cod bedded with warm macaroni pasta & pomelo served with creamy fish sauce

* Braised whole duck spread with mushroom ragout & glazed baked tapioka

* Seared lamb loin covered with filo pastry served with baked egg plant

* Grilled Australian steak with aromatic onion potato ragout served with bearnaise sauce

* Seafood bisque served with aioli & crispy cheese crouton

* Braised lamb shank with a brush of balsamic honey

* Mixed grill seafood, lamb & beef skewer served with BBQ sauce & country home potatoes

* Cream of mushroom soup sided with deep fried tempura lady finger

…and many more

INTAKE FOR YEAR 2007:Next intake:
Pastry Basic Level – 25 June, 3 Sept, 5 Nov (Mon & Wed class)
4 Sept (Tues & Thurs class)

Pastry Advanced Level – 26 June 07 and 6 Nov 07 (Tue & Thurs class)

Cuisine Basic Level – 25 June, 28 Aug (twice a week for 8 weeks)
Cuisine Advanced Level – 26 June, 30 Oct (twice a week for 8 weeks)

Cake Decorating – 9 & 10 June (two days from 10.00am – 4.00pm)
Basic level – 11 & 12 Aug (two days from 10.00am – 4.00pm)
– 10 & 11 Nov (two days from 10.00am – 4.00pm)

Twice a week for 8 weeks from 18:30 – 21:30 hrs (except for Cake Decorating).

Taylor’s College, School of Hospitality & Tourism located in Leisure Commerce Square, Block C, No 9 Jalan PJS 8/9, 46150 Petaling Jaya.

– individual ingredients & individual work station
– manual file with recipes & notes
– kitchen apron & kitchen towel
– International certification from Academie de Toulouse, France & Taylor’s College
– starter kit tool for pastry & cake decorating / knife set for cuisine
– usage of kitchen equipments & utensils

Course Fee for Year 2007:
RM 3000 nett per person for Pastry Basic Level
RM 3500 nett per person for Pastry Advanced Level
RM 3300 nett per person for Cuisine Basic Level
RM 3800 nett per person for Cuisine Advanced Level
RM 800.00 nett per person for Cake Decorating Basic Level (2 days)

Early bird discount – 10% for registration & payment made 30 days before course begin
2nd enrolment – 15% discount after the first course has been signed up or group booking of min 3 pax
3rd enrolment – 20% discount

Other courses available:
– Certification in Wine & Spirits (Part Time 2 – 3 days program in June & Sept 07)
– Executive Certificate in Event Management (Part Time 4 days from 26 – 29 June 07)

Please feel free to visit us at the address below to view our current classes and to witness how this course is being conducted by our Chefs.

For more information, please contact Keat Meng at 012 216 8999 or 7877 9777 ext 313 if you require further information or assistance. You can also email him at this address (

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