FREE Public Domain Books and eTexts


Here is a few resources where you can get free public domain books
and free electronic texts. When a work is in the public domain,
it means that the work is free to use without paying royalties.

Rebecca Fine discovered this secret and has built an entire business
from just one Public Domain title.

Public Domain and Free eText Sources
Project Gutenberg – Project Gutenburg claims to be the Internet’s
oldest producer or ebooks or electronic texts. You can search their
database by title, author or subject. The subject field comes in handy
if you are looking to create products for a target market. The site has
full instructions on how to define your search and files can be viewed
in text format online or you can download zipped texts to your hard drive.

Internet Public Library – has over 20, 000 titles you can browse.
Search by author or title. The books can be viewed online in txt or html
and zip versions of each format can be downloaded. The download links do
not open in a new window so you might like to right mouse click on the
download links and select the “save as” option to download.

Search eBooks – seems to have thousands of texts available to read online.
You have one search field. Results shown provide two links for each result.
One to read the text and the other is the home page of the provider.
If you have difficulty finding what you want while searching more than one word, try closing the search string with “inverted commas” as this will produce a different result.

It’s more difficult to find help, terms of use and specific copywrite
information at this site. Still a handy resource because search results
load quickly. To find more copywrite info about titles at Search eBooks,
it might be a good idea to re-search the titles at Internet Public Library
or Project Glutenberg.

Public Domain Riches – is a special course which covers how to get into
the business of marketing public domain books. It teaches exactly how to
research and profit from public domain material.

Check Copyright Before Publishing
It is suggested that you check the specific copyright information for
each title if you intend to republish with your own brand. Some of the
titles copyright information are straight forward but others are difficult
to even find. Public Domain Riches has more info about this.
Either way, you can still read thousands of titles completely Free 🙂

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