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What's Fueling Your Anger?

Let`s do something uncomfortable: examine our hearts. Let`s search them for anger and its sources. Based upon the article by author Garret Keizer and many biblical passages, this study will help us do this€”if we let it.

Table of Contents

SCRIPTURE: Joel 2:12-14; Nahum 1:2-3a; Matthew 5:21-24; James 1:19-20; Mark 11:15-16


– Identify the Current Issue

  • Discover the Eternal Principles
  • Teaching point one: God is slow to anger.
  • Teaching point two: Not just murder, but the anger that leads to such must be rooted out of the life of the Christian.
  • Teaching point three: Acting out our anger can lead to destructive activity rather than God`s righteousness.
  • Teaching point four: There is a legitimate place for righteous indignation, but it needs to be expressed with wise, spiritual discernment.

–  Apply Your Findings


  •  The Enigma of Anger, by Garret Keizer (September/October 2002, p. 8)

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