Health: Enoki Mushroom ( GIN-JEN-GU) Prevents Cancer


Health: Enoki Mushroom ( GIN-JEN-GU) Prevents CancerGolden-needle-mushroom (Jin-Gen-Goo) sucessfully kills 95% of cancer cells ( Taiwan Report)

Research done by Singapore U shows that eating this mushroom can destroy 95% of cancer cells in our body by boosting our immune system.

Professor Phan Hwai Chong of Yang Ming Research Centre in Taiwan told Reporter that consuming this kind of mushroom, one of the ingredients in the mushroom can trigger the multiplication of our healthy “defensive” cells. By out-numbering the cancer cells, healthy cells help eradicate cancer cells.


American scientists have since run tests on this particular type of mushroom extract with blood, done outside human body . Results show that mushroom extract is able to destroy cancer cells. According to Taiwan professor, since healthy “fighting” cells can be multiplied to tens & thousands of times, it can either be used as drip or just by eating mushroom.

The mushroom is most frequently taken with steam boat. Cooking time should be less than 3 minutes, or the healing property would greatly diminish.

Preparation, uses, and tips

Before using enoki mushrooms, rinse them thoroughly and trim off the roots at the base of the cluster. Enoki mushrooms can be eaten raw or cooked. Add them to salads, sandwiches, soups, pasta sauces, and stir-fried rice and vegetable dishes. To retain the delicate flavor of the mushrooms, add them at the end of the cooking process.

Buying and storing tips

When purchasing fresh enoki mushrooms, select mushrooms with firm, white, shiny caps. Avoid purchasing enoki mushrooms with slimy or brownish stalks. Enoki mushrooms keep up to 14 days in the refrigerator if stored in a paper bag.


Most commercially available enoki mushrooms are the pale white cultivated variety.

Nutrition Highlights

Enoki mushroom (raw), 1 large (5g)
Calories: 1.7
Protein: 0.12g
Carbohydrate: 0.35g
Total Fat: 0.02g
Fiber: 0.13g

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