Health: Useful Information on Organ Timings

Health, Organ timings , per acu therapy, time schedule, body,perfect life long, health, Lifestyle , Body Care, Liver, Kidney,Urinary Bladder, Stomach , Heart, LungsHere’s some useful health information on our body organ timings that are absolutely right as per acu therapy. If you follow as per the time schedule your body will have a perfect life long 😀

Health, Organ timings , per acu therapy, time schedule, body,perfect life long, health, Lifestyle , Body Care

Lungs (Early Morning 3AM – 5AM) : It is good to wake up at this hour. The ozone content in atmosphere will be more at this time. which will give a new lease of energy if we practice breating exercise, yogasanas and mediation. Asthma patient cannot sleep in this time and will suffer breathlessness

Large intestine (Morning 5AM – 7AM) : If a person gets up in this time will not have constipation problem. if bowel’s movement, taking bath in cold water is finished during this time, then he will not have any nervous debility.

Stomach (Morning 7AM – 9AM) : Breakfast should be completed in this time.

Heart (Noon 11AM – 1PM) : Only water can be taken at this time. one shall neither do any hard work nor sleep at this time. Otherwise carbon-di-oxide will get mixed more with oxygen and chance of getting heart attack or paralytic or body pain. Generally doctors will be on double alert in hospitals. During this time bacause heart and diabetic patients may get heart attack only in this time compared to other hours.

Small intestine
(Mid Day 1PM – 3PM) : After finishing lunch in this time 5 minutes of rest can be taken just by closing eyes. Sleep shall be avoided.

Urinary Bladder
(Afternoon 3PM – 5PM) : It is a right time for coffee, tea or juice etc.

Kidney (Evening 5PM – 7PM) : This is the time to relax from routine work otherwise renal failure or urinary infection may trouble.

Heart Wall (Night 7PM – 9PM) : Supper should have been finished during this hour. Otherwise palpitation or chest pain may arise.

Temperature & Warmer (Late Night 9PM – 11PM) : This is the time to recharge the organ that work since morning. So one shall go down to sleep and avoid reading book, watching Tv or working with office files.

Gall Bladder (Mid Night 11PM – 1PM) : One must sleep during this otherwise one will not have any energy for next day work.

Liver (Too Early Morning 1AM – 3AM) : This is the time for deep sleep. Otherwise it will affect eye-sight and body irritation

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