Home Based Business Guidelines By Doug Firebaugh

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Home Based Business Guidelines By Doug Firebaugh

Are you thinking of possibly owning a home business but you are not really sure of what you should look for? After nearly 24 years in this great industry, we have found there are four critical components that you really should consider before ever enrolling into a home business.

Most folks will tell you that you should look at the company reputation, line of products, and the pay plan before you ever join a direct marketing company. But we believe there are four things that you should look for to MOVE you to your final decision.

1) A product that moves YOU. If you are not emotionally moved by your product, the long term success for you and your business will be questionable. You must find a product that gets you really passionate, and also one you would purchase even if it were not part of a direct marketing company. People want to know about the products, but they also want to feel the passion for the product from you.

2) A compensation plan that moves MONEY. There are many different types of pay plans out there, and all of them are good. But your pay plan must move money to the distributors/consultants easily. It must be a plan that is easily qualified for, has some form of a residual automatic monthly purchase/renewal, and rewards you for working with others to help them succeed as leaders.

3) A sponsoring system that moves PEOPLE. Your company should have a recruiting or sponsoring system in place with webinars or conference calls, a functional website, as well as recruiting CDs and DVDs. And there should also be a professional, quality message being told to the prospect that you can get excited about.

4) A training system that moves RESULTS. You should look for a training program or system that will teach you the basics of the business: prospecting, contacting, presenting, following up, and getting the decision. And also look for more advanced training for growing leaders. This shows a company that wants to grow their people as well as their business.

These are the four things you should look for in a direct marketing company. If there is €œmovement in all four of these areas for you, then you could do really well with a home business and help others move into their greatness.

Doug Firebaugh is an Expert in MLM and network marketing and is CEO of PassionFire International. He is a successful entrepreneur who has spent the last 25 years in the sales and direct marketing field, and has been blessed to help multitudes of others break numerous records in performance by training people how to “Maximize their Human Success Capital” that lies within them. Doug and Zig are teaming up to help you, the direct marketer and small business owner, create a holiday business explosion.For more information, click here.

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