HOPE: Remember the Poor Sunday

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Join Christians around the world on April 26
as we all come before the Lord together with prayer and fasting on behalf of the poor and needy.

Talk to your church leaders and other Christians in your congregation about what else you can do together to “Remember the Poor” on April 26.

For more information, go to www.hopeww.org/rememberthepoor

As Paul and Barnabas went out from Jerusalem to preach the gospel, Peter, James and John had only one request of them – “Remember the poor.” We must constantly remind one another as we share the gospel that we must remember the poor. In this spirit, HOPE worldwide we would like to ask Christians around the world to set aside Sunday April 26 to “Remember the Poor.”

Our desire is that this would be a time where Christians are inspired and challenged by seeing God`s heart for the poor and hearing His call to meet their needs. It is important for us all to be continually reminded from the scriptures about our role as Christ`s ambassadors to show His love to the poor and needy.

Additionally, in the spirit of Isaiah 58:6-8, HOPE worldwide employees around the world will be having a day of fasting on this day, and we would like to invite churches around the world to join us as we come before the Lord together on behalf of the poor and on behalf of our own hearts for them.

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