Important notice for your HEALTH..

exercise, health, healthy-lifestyle, life, self-development Some Important notice for your health that I like to share with all..

Reduce volume of tea intake;

不吃 刚烤的面包;
Do not eat bread which has JUST been toasted;

远离充 手机电源 ;
Stay a distance from your charger;

Drink more water in the morning, less at night;
一天 不喝多于两杯咖啡;
Do not drink coffee twice a day;

Reduce your volume of oily food;

æœ€ä½³ç¡çœ ä¸ºæ™šä¸Šåç‚¹è‡³å‡Œæ™¨å…­ç‚¹;
Best sleeping time is from 10 at night to 6 at the morning;

Do not have HUGE meals after 5pm;

Do not take alcohol more than a cup daily;

不用 冷水服胶囊;
Do not take capsules with cold water;

睡前半小时服药忌 立刻躺下;
Do not lie down immediately after taking medicine before sleeping;

ç¡çœ ä¸è¶³å…«å°æ—¶äººä¼šå˜ç¬¨;
Have 8 hours sleep. Lack of it will make a person stupid;

æœ‰åˆç¡ä¹ æƒ¯çš„äººä¸æ˜“è€;
People who get used to napping will not get old easily;

若不能晨跑,傍晚5点至 8点的时间是散步的好时间;
If you can’t get on early morning runs, 5-8 in the afternoon is a great
time for jogging;

ç”µæ± å‰©ä¸€æ ¼æ—¶ä¸è¦ 接电话 ,å‰©ä¸€æ ¼æ—¶è¾å°„æ˜¯å¹³æ—¶çš„ä¸€åƒå€ ;
When battery left last grid, do not answer the phone. The radiation is
1000 times;

还要记得用左耳接话 ,用右耳会直接伤害到大脑;
Answer the phone with your left ear. It’ll spoil your brain directly if
you use your right ear;

å°‘ç”¨è€³æœºã€‚ç”¨ä¸€å°æ—¶åŽå°±å¥½ä¼‘æ¯ä½ çš„è€³æœµ;
Do not use earphone for long time. Rest your ear a while after 1 hour.

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