Internet Marketing: 5 Common Reasons Why Many Quit Marketing on the Internet

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IM, Internet Marketing, web traffic, Make Money Online, Earn Money Online, Super Website Traffic, Massive Internet Traffic, Money, Marketing Online, Quit Internet Marketing, Success Online Marketing on the internet offers the potential for many to become ‘independent’ from the bonds of a job however it is not for everybody. The single biggest contributing factor for business success on the internet is having the ambition to do what it takes to get the job done. Not ‘the ambition’ that comes with a ‘spurt’ of enthusiasm but the more deeply ingrained drive to persevere through the inevitable challenges you WILL encounter along the way.
Here are 5 of the most common reasons many people ‘choose’ to quit prematurely in their pursuit for online success in business.

No Business Plan Strategy

Pursuing any type of business venture requires a map or strategy as to how you are going to achieve what it is you are trying to accomplish. A business plan strategy needs to be put together to help you pull together your own efforts in a coordinated fashion and without one you are literally chasing your tail. Without a strategy this leads to frustration quickly which then leads to giving up.

Lack of Work Motivation

As enthused as many may be about ‘forging’ their own futures on the internet they quickly find out that it will require an investment of at least effort on their part.

Being your own boss comes with its own pitfalls and in this case it is there will be no one telling you what to do. Hey, that is good isn’t it? Not necessarily since far too many are in need being given directions and lack the necessary work motivation to get the job done.

Being able to motivate yourself to do something (work) that is not too appealing to begin with and all without seeing ‘instant’ results requires a strong inner drive and focus. Sadly many lack these characteristics which will be needed to accomplish the success they are looking for online.

No Set Goals

Goal planning is also a key component for any successful business. How are you going to succeed when you do not know what it is you are striving for? Goal planning involves setting realistic and achievable objectives that are essentially stepping stones that will move you closer to the desired results you seek.

If you do not take the time to do this you will be without direction and once again get frustrated and quit.

Lack of Confidence

We all gain more confidence as our experience in a particular field grows. Starting out online however it is safe to assume that most everybody lacks the experience since the internet is a relatively new frontier. Our confidence level as a result is non-existent and for many this is more discomfort then they can handle.

Working online you must have the ability to accept that you will have a lot to learn and the resolve to stick with it but again not everybody possesses that ability. The result is that with the first challenge or perhaps minor set back, many will be convinced they can not succeed at online marketing and quit.

Fear of Failure

This is a strange phenomenon of the human mind but many are so afraid of failing at something that they are more comfortable with not even trying. Fear of failure can hold back even the most talented and intelligent amongst us and it is certainly no different for people working online

This is closely related to a lack of confidence except that lacking confidence at least involves making an attempt whereas fearing failure demonstrates ‘quitting’ before they even attempt anything.

Marketing on the internet can be very challenging but the financial rewards are worth the effort. The opportunity for anyone to achieve success in business online is a realistic one however many fail to do so. Often times this ‘failure’ is due to the simple fact they do not possess the ambition needed to succeed. In a way striving for business success on the internet can be a ‘gut check’ for many as they realize the level of their own self motivation. As these 5 common reasons we sited above for people quitting’ before’ they succeed online illustrates it often can be the obstacles inside of us that keep us from our dreams!
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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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