Joe Eigo – Multi Level Moves Founder

Joe Eigo

Joe Eigo is a gymnast who has just become a member of one of the most legendary stunt teams in movies today: The Jackie Chan Stuntman Association. Joe hails from Toronto and was discovered by a gymnastics coach at an early age. Joe would go on to become one of the top gymnasts in Canada. After taking a combination of capoeira and freestyle martial arts, he would eventually create a new style known as Multi Level Moves.

He had high hopes of being discovered and in 2001, he got his chance when he met Jackie Chan while Chan filmed The Tuxedo. After working on a demo tape for Chan, Chan was impressed and Joe was asked to join the JC Stunt Team. Joe’s first project was Around the World in 80 Days as one of the Ten Tigers.

Multi Level Moves is a art, style, lifestyle.To explore the limits of the human body and breaking them. Connecting the mind, body and spirit. Click here to find out more about Multi Level Moves that Joe Eigo founded. See him in action in one of this video clip, he really cool !! I’m really amazed by his talent 😮

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