Jumbo Jet Hostel Takes Off at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport, Sweden

JUMBO JET HOSTEL Stockholms Arlanda, Sweden, Boeing 747, AeroplaneCheck out this cool Jumbo Jet Hostel at Stockholm’s Arlanda airport, Sweden. A new hostel built inside a jumbo jet plane has now opened in Sweden’s capital. And for those romantics who like flying high, a honeymoon suite is available in the jet’s cockpit.

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The new Jumbo Jet hostel at Stockholm’s Arlanda airport offers flyers a whole new departure.

Opening this week, the decommissioned Boeing 747 has been completely refurbished to accommodate travelers – but this time under different circumstances.

The 450 seats have been stripped out and instead there are now 25 bedrooms and nine bathrooms.

The nose of the plane has been converted into a reception area while upstairs there’s a lounge. Staff are attired in cabin crew outfits.

Like any other self-respecting establishment, the Jumbo Hostel also boasts a honeymoon suite – sited in the cockpit, naturally, and the only room on the plane with ensuite bathroom facilities.

And the wedding theme doesn’t stop there.

[Gisela Olson, Jumbo Hostel Site Manager]:
“This is the cockpit suite and you can stay here if you’re celebrating something special or if you get married so we’re going to have the “wing walk” and at the end of the wing walk you can get married.”

Sited within walking distance of the airport terminals, where up to 18 million passengers pass through every year, the hostel’s owner, Oscar Dios is confident the enterprise will take off now that the biggest challenge has been overcome.

[Oscar Dios, Jumbo Hostel General Manager]:
“The most challenging thing with this project was trying to build something inside a metal hull – it’s just really, really tight. It’s very different from building a house.”

The construction issues resolved – the sky’s the limit for Dios, who says he wants to build a fleet of jumbo jet hostels around the world.

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