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But David said, “My brethren, you shall not do so with what the Lord has given us, who has preserved us and delivered into our hand the troop that came against us. For who will heed you in this matter? But as his part is who goes down to the battle, so shall his part be who stays by the supplies; they shall share alike.” ~ 1 Samuel 30:23-24

When some “wicked and worthless men” suggested that those who stayed behind should receive none of the spoil. David resolved the conflict by declaring that since God had given them victory, even those who had protected the supplies had played a role and therefore should share equally in the plunder.

Clearly, David valued partnership. What did his act of partnership do for his leadership?
1. It helped others see the contribution of every man’s gift.
2. It reminded everyone that God was the true source of every good gift.
3. It promoted goodwill in potential allies.
4. It enabled David to prepare for the future and make friends all over Israel.
5. It developed a nationwide value of mutual benefit and good faith.

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