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Leadership, John C Maxwell, Leader, Personal Development, Mangement, Managing People ,The Power of One, Business Leader, Giant Leader, major decision,Leaking information, Coaching Giants, Serving Leaders Your company is facing a major decision. The decision you make will have a huge impact on your company, employees and suppliers. How you navigate the process is critical. One wrong move and you will live with regret. Get it right, and you are a hero.

Leaking information could prove devastating. A second opinion would be valuable, but sharing the information could stir up more concern than it is worth. Mentioning your dilemma to your top leaders could put them into a panic. Share the idea with a few key investors and they could decide to bail. Your best friend is trustworthy but lacks the business experience. Your spouse has been with you through thick and thin. Your family has made huge sacrifices in order for the company to succeed. Mention your concept at home and life will be turned upside down. It has been a while since you have had a talk with “The Man Upstairs.” Asking for divine inspiration at a time like this feels too self-serving. Ugh! What is a top executive to do during times like these?

A growing number of business owners, entrepreneurs and top corporate executives are seeking the advice of an executive coach. According to a research study conducted by the College of Executive Coaching, coaching has sharply increased in the past five years with no sign of slowing.

A study of Fortune 1000 companies indicates executive coaching is proving to be a cost effective means for achieving phenomenal business results. Companies utilizing executive coaching report a 53% increase in productivity, a 32% increase in retention of senior people, a 23% reduction in costs and a 22% increase in bottom-line profitability.

Many baby-boomers are exiting and retiring from organizations. The result? No doubt, an incredible loss of knowledge, wisdom and business expertise. If not already, organizations will soon suffer from huge leadership shortages.

Recognizing the emerging nature of executive coaching and the opportunity to better serve leaders and their organizations, a new member of the Giant family of companies has been launched. Headquartered in Oklahoma City, the goal of GiANT Leaders is to fill the void in the rapidly growing market of executive coaching by assimilating a national team of highly competent executive coaches, passionate about
positively impacting today’s business leaders.

“We come alongside the business leader, helping him or her navigate through significant business decisions,” said Brian Banks, CEO and co-founder of GiANT Leaders. “Having an executive coach
is like having wisdom by your side. Positively influencing a leader impacts hundreds and even thousands of individuals for generations.”

GiANT Leaders has discovered that business leaders are often faced with at least one of the following scenarios:

DILEMMAS – Trying to decide whether to sell a business, extract from a partnership, scale a business or choose among two or more great opportunities.

ALIGNMENTS – Discovering a need to slow down, re-integrate personal and work lives, or figure out how faith fits into work and an overall purpose and calling in life.

TRANSITIONS – Deciding to pursue a dream or doing something different, accelerating an exit strategy, handing over the company to the next generation or transitioning out of day-to-day operations.

UPGRADES – Becoming aware of a need to improve executive skill sets, filling a skill gap for a new role, developing as a leader in order to advance professionally or recharging a passion for an existing role.

When it comes to leadership development and business growth strategies, the GiANT companies are no strangers. Leveraging the capabilities of the overall GiANT brand is certain to provide a competitive advantage and effective resource for GiANT Leaders.

GiANT Leaders’ partner organization, GiANT Impact, is an industry leader in the development of leadership resources. In collaboration with bestselling author John C. Maxwell and Maximum Impact, GiANT Impact hosts leadership development events throughout the world.

GiANT Leaders’ sister organization, GiANT Partners, is recognized as a leader in strategic planning and growth-strategy implementation. GiANT Partners works closely with business leaders and their management teams in the development of implementable growth strategies focused on results.

GiANT Leaders also has the distinct advantage of having Stephen Graves as a co-founder. Graves has been an executive coach for more than two decades. He has co-authored nearly a dozen books on leadership and business including Life@Work and The Power of One, both co-authored with John C. Maxwell.

“We measure success by the difference we make in the lives of business leaders, their organizations and the people they serve,” said Matthew Myers, co-founder of GiANT Leaders and GiANT Partners. “Coaching giants and serving leaders is our ultimate goal.”

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GiANT Leaders coaching engagements typically last six to eighteen months and are custom designed according to the needs of the business leader. To learn more about GiANT Leaders, visit www.giantleaders.com.

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