Leadership : The Importance of Vision

leadership , vision Recently I met with a man who told how he had given up a highly successful career with a large organization in order to establish his own unique consulting practice, a risky undertaking by most standards, except that he knew exactly what he was going to do. He saw, as he explained it, a problem among certain kinds of businesses that was not being addressed and had a vision of how to help resolve those issues. Today this highly sought after, extraordinarily successful entrepreneur claims a prestigious consulting clientele all across the United States.
It was August 28, 1963, in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC that Dr.Martin Luther King , Jr., shared his vision in what is now famously remembered as the €œI Have a Dream speech. In that eloquent, poetic address Dr. King described in vivid imagery his dream of a country free of racism, where people of all races would live in harmony as brothers and sisters. Though we may be far from boasting of racism`s total eradication since that speech some forty-four years ago, no doubt our culture has experienced radical transformation in the direction of Dr. King`s dream.
Behind every success story is a vision. Vision is not a fantasy of the impractical or improbable such as winning the lottery. Rather, vision is a vivid image in the mind`s eye of transforming the impossible into the possible. My consultant friend visualized the possibilities of resolving otherwise impossible business problems and turning them into reality. Dr. King visualized the possibility of our country being set free from the impossibilities of deeply rooted racism and set the course for his dream to come true. Unquestionably, success occurred for both these men because of their undying passion and tireless labor, yet behind their respective success stories was a vision a vision of transforming the impossible into the possible.
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