Leadership:Six Simple Tips to Achieve More in Less Time


time management, leadership, article Check out this useful article I found that I believe can help you to achieve more in less time with just 6 simple tips 🙂

If you want to get the most from life you need to manage your time correctly. If you do you will get more done in less time, feel happier, less stressed and get more from life and these tips are simple ones that you can apply in your work or home life. So let`s look at how to do much more in less time. We all know the main key to effective time management is planning and these 6 points will fit into any plan, so let`s look at them.

1. Divide your day into segments

Divide your time for specific tasks into time slots and group them together try to avoid multi tasking you wont get more done you will get less, because a single task won`t have your full attention. Also get used to avoiding the bombardment of modern communications such as trying to answer emails all day long or constantly answering your mobile phone. Clear you mind and for parts of the day turn off your mobile phone and shut your email box.

2. Prioritize

Prioritize your tasks and do your least favorite tasks FIRST. There are tasks we all hate (they`re a bit like going to the dentist – you know your going to have to do them eventually) so clear your mind of them and do them first. Then number the tasks in order of priority and clear them in sequence.


3. The 15 Minute Rule

If a task takes less than 15 minutes try and do it right away or on the same day. This is a great way to stop tasks piling up. One of the keys to time management is moving on tasks quickly, getting them out of the way and the 15 minute rule will help you.

4. Clear Your Desk
Don`t allow your desk to pile with paper! As soon as you receive correspondence and tasks they should be in your diary, in order of priority and out of the way. Having a clear desk and a clear mind to concentrate

5. Delegate
How is your time best spent? Put a value on your time and if you find tasks that can be done cheaper by delegating then delegate them and spend your time on the ones that you know make you the most productive. The industrial age was built on division of labor and trying to do everything went out of fashion in the 19th century!

6. Beware of Others
There are plenty of people who may want favors from you, or want to take up your time with their problems, but there is a time and place to do this! Don`t try and solve the world`s problems, when you can`t get to grips with your own life. Make sure you are sensible in the time that you devote to others.
The above are simple tips that will allow you to manage your time more effectively and make you more productive, giving you more quality time to devote to yourself and do the things that you enjoy most.

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