Lesson Learn – Spiderman & Pay it Forward – Sin, Confession & Repentance

Education YouTube, Movie, Lesson Learned, Spiderman, Pay it forward, sin, confession, repentance, bible,love , mcguire .spacey, hunt,Osment, YBIC, Peter Parker, Spidey, Halen Hunt, Oswald Chu, ICOC Facebook, Christian Living, global e-vangelism It’s not enough to just simply attend any church, have good morals, read the bible and pray. One must engage in discipleship and find a fellowship that is aligned with the Scriptures when it comes to the plan of salvation. One must fully commit themselves to making Jesus their Lord before he can become their Saviour.
If you are seeking answers and meaning to life I do encourage you to visit one of our fellowships around the world and ask someone to show you Gods plan for your life. The International Churches of Christ are committed to following Jesus and having the bible as the standard for our lives. We believe the Scriptures to be the inerrant Word of God.

Source: YBIC – Oswald Chu – ICOC Facebook to face global e-vangelism

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