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A nice song I stumble upon while searching a song for a friend.. this is a new song from Sarah Geronimo ft. Howie Dorough titled “I’ll Be There Song“. Sarah Geronimo was born on July 25, 1988 to parents Delfin Geronimo and Divine Geronimo. The third of four children, her siblings are Joanna Rizzie, Sunshine Grace and Ezekiel Gabriel. Sarah grew up in a rented house in Sta. Cruz, Manila. She is also the niece of the TV host of “Ating Alamin” and owner of the TV production company, Gerry Geronimo. Enjoy the song 🙂

I’ll Be There Lyrics by Sarah Geronimo ft. Howie Dorough

HD: I’ll be there for you
SG: I’ll be there for you
( 2 times)

When the night falls on the world
And you’re sad because I’m far away
Just remember you’re my girl
Baby, think of how you feel today

All I know is our love will go on
You can dream me there with you all night long
When you need my heaven simply close your eyes
And keep your heart strong


I’ll be there for you till the earth stops turning
Playing in your heart like love songs do
I’ll be there for you like a candle burning
Just believe it’s true I’ll be there for you

SG:We got awful close of so fast
It’s hard to say our goodbyes
HD:Now I’ve found you girl at last
I can’t forget you If I try
SG:when I’m awake or sleeping you’ll be mine
HD:You’re the one love I’ll keep you fill up my mind
SG:I will count the hours till you’re here with me for all time

I’ll be there for you till the earth stops turning
Playing in your heart like love songs do
I’ll be there for you like a candle burning
Just believe it’s true I’ll be there for you

SG:When you’re troubled I’ll be there when you’re sad I will be there
When you’re laughing I’ll be there Just think of me and I’ll be there
HD:I’ll be there coz you’re my star I’ll be anywhere you are
When you’re hurt I’ll feel it too and If you leave I’ll go with you
I’ll be there for you baby count on me I’ll be there for you there for you

Repeat chorus

I’ll be there for you anytime at all
If you need me I’ll go to the wall
You’ll be in my mind you’ll be in my heart
When I’m close to you when we’re far apart ohhhh
I’ll be there for you

Sarah Geronimo & Howie Dorough- I’ll Be There -Next One Live

more info on Sarah Geronimo..

At the age of 14, she won a reality singing contest, entitled “Star for a Night”(2003) of IBC Channel 13. After winning, she signed a 10-year recording contract with Viva Records and released her debut album, “Popstar: A Dream Come True” on September of 2003, and reached 7x platinum. She also staged her first solo concert at the Music Museum in the same year. In 2004, she signed an exclusive contract with ABS-CBN, the Philippines Largest TV Network and starred on several television programs, such as the “Sarah, The Teen Princess” and became a mainstay until now in ASAP, the most popular noontime musical variety show in the Philippines. She also released her new album, “Sweet Sixteen” and together with other singers, they staged a successful concert in Araneta Coliseum, that also did well in abroad.
In 2005, Sarah appeared on more television shows, performed on concert tours and sang theme songs for movies. Then in the same year she staged a sold-out major solo concert in Araneta Coliseum, entitled “The Other Side”. And in 2006, she casted as the lead actress of a top-rating soap opera, “Bituing Walang Ningning”, that was considered another milestone in her career. She also relased her third album, Becoming, and had successful concert tours outside the country.
2007 was another great year for Sarah, as she hosted a reality singing contest for children, the “Little Big Superstar” and took another lead role on a top-rating soap opera, “Pangarap na Bituin”. In the same year, she staged another sold-out major solo concert in Araneta Coliseum, entitled “Sarah Geronimo in Motion” and went again abroad to have concert tours. Then after the great event, she released her fourth album, “Taking Flight” that reached platinum in a short period of time. She also recorded with Howie Dorough for a duet on her 5th album.

Sarah Geronimo had closed numerous multi-million peso endorsement contracts with the biggest corporations and brands in the country, including Jollibee, Skechers, Hapee Toothpaste, AMA University, Talk n’ Text, Belo Medical Group, Ladies’ Choice Mayonnaise, Islander Slippers, Surf Detergent, Charmee, Rajo Laurel Apparel, Surf Max Internet Card, Startec, Cebuana Lhuillier, Extreme Magic Sing Videoke Microphone, HerBench and many others. She also endorsed a campaign for a running senator, Edgardo Angara, who eventually won the race. As a result, Sarah was considered one of the most in-demand and effective product endorser of the Philippines.
Sarah Geronimo has received several awards, most were appreciation for her being a good example to the Filipino youth, this includes an Anak TV Seal Award, People of the Year of People Asia Magazine, Asian Magazine People of the Year, some were from the government and others were from respected institutions. As a singer, she won several recording awards from the most prominent award-giving bodies in the country. Recently, she was the biggest winner in the MYX Music Awards 2008, as she bagged four awards including, Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, Female Artist of the Year and Favorite Myx Celebrity VJ.
Recently, VIVA Records confirmed that Sarah Geronimo’s The Other Side and In Motion Concert DVD sold a platinum status each, making her the very first artist to receive a platinum record not only for one but for two of her DVD copies of a concert, despite of the very expensive price of original DVDs.
At present, after another sold out major valentines concert in Araneta Coliseum with other singing stars and successful concert tours abroad and the 200 million-peso grossing movie, A Very Special Love, she is currently promoting her 5th album entitled, Just Me…Sarah and she is about to stage another solo concert at the Araneta Coliseum this Novemeber 2008, entitled, The Next One. And come next year her follow-up movie with John Lloyd Cruz will be released as Star Cinema’s first offering.


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