News: Hulk Bash! Microsoft & Advertlets Bloggers Gathering 14th June 2008

News, Blog, Advertlets, , Hulk, Microsoft,Hulk Bash, Bloggers, Meeting, June 2008, Networking, Social networking offline Advertlets is organizing a Bloggers Get Together & Movie Screening on 14th June 2008.. it’s a small get together hosted by Cinema Online and Microsoft. There will also be a movie screening of The Incredible Hulk (a totally awesome new remake, starring Edward Norton, Liv Tyler & Tim Roth) as part of the event, and each participant will be entitled to 2 tickets.The objective of the gathering is to bring bloggers together and share some ideas and experiences on the social networking sites and blogging scene that has become such a rage over the last year or so. It`ll be a great opportunity to be heard, meet new people, and do €œsocial networking offline.

The agenda for the event will be kept simple. The timing is tentatively set for 11.30 to 4pm on Saturday 14 June. If you are interested, please e-mail with the title €œHULK BASH! or leave a comment on this blog post with your blog url and e-mail address. Seats are limited, and goodies are aplenty, so RSVP within 48 hours if possible. Venue to be confirmed according to Josh Lim, the owner and CEO of Advertlets 😛

Hulk Bash! Microsoft & Present Gathering on 14th June 2008

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