News: Notification to MSN Customers – Don’t Change Your Email for Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Messenger,MSN, Blunder, Software Errors, Microsoft,  Windows Live ID, Windows, Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Virus, Internet, Harmful Message On April 7, 2009,Windows Live Messenger had started notifying users that they needed to get a new email address in order to continue being able to sign in to the Windows Live Messenger Service, but do not change you email address for Windows Live Messenger, even if Microsoft`s instant messaging client tells you to.

Windows Live Messenger users need not change their email address, as their current accounts will permit them to use the IM client without any issues. It was emphasized that the €œimportant service announcement generated because of a system enhancement, was erroneous and users should ignore it.

Here’s what mentioned by Windows Live Team :-
We sincerely apologize, but this was accidentally sent out. If you received this notification today, please ignore it. You will be able to continue to use your current e-mail address, and there is no reason to make any changes.

If you have already clicked the link, there is no harm to you. You should have been told that your €œWindows Live ID can`t be changed at this time because there is no need for the change.

These service notifications are only used for urgent issues but unfortunately, somebody made a mistake that caused this message to be sent out. We will definitely be reviewing our process to make sure we avoid such mistakes in the future.

Again, we`re very sorry for any confusion that may have been caused.

– Windows Live Team

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