SEO: 11 Content Ideas to Put on Your Website

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Google, Yahoo, MSN, Live, Ideas, Content, Web Marketing, Internet Marketing, Web Traffic,  Paul Coulter, Content ideas, PageRank, Visits, Article Writing Here’s some interesting content ideas for those who have writers block or have no idea what else to write on their site 😛

1. Information About Your Company

Place information about your company on your company homepage, or create a page just for company information. You should let your visitors know who you are and what your business is all about. The goal is to help customers trust you and feel comfortable about doing business with you.

2. Your Company`s Products and Services

Of course, this is probably the most important part of your website. It is important to have a website to show that you are a part of a business and have the credibility in your industry, but the products are the main reason people will be visiting your site. The products are why you are doing business online. If you have a lot of products that you offer to customers, don’t try to put all of them on one page; use several pages to display them.

3. Contact Information

Make sure that you have posted information on how a customer can contact you. Have your contact information on both the homepage and on a separate page labeled contact information. On the separate page you should include the following.

€¢ Your address for mailing
€¢ Fax and phone numbers
€¢ Email addresses for employees
€¢ A map of your business location
€¢ A picture of the building where your business is located
€¢ Driving directions

4. Any Memberships and Associations for Your Business

Use the memberships that you belong to on your website to show your customers you are trustworthy. Associations like the Better Business Bureau and Chamber of Commerce are a wonderful way to show your potential customers that you are an upstanding member of the business community.

5. Frequently Asked Questions Page

If you regularly receive certain questions from your clients and customers, you might want to create a frequently asked questions page to answer those questions for your site visitors. Put a link to this page on your contact page so that a customer can access the frequently asked questions before they try to contact you with one of the questions.

6. Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

Ask your satisfied customers if they would be willing to add a testimonial to your testimonials page. It will give your potential customers a good feeling about trusting you when they read the comments of other customers.

7. The Benefits of Doing Business with Your Company

Give your customers reasons why they should do business with your company. Show the reasons that you are a better choice over your competition. What does a customer have to gain by selecting your company over your competitors? This is the place where you can show all of your company`s great points. Don’t be modest when you are trying to sell your company.

8. Images

Show your customers the work that your company does. Show the products you have created for your clients. If your company provides a service, you can use methods that show your potential customers how well you served other clients.

9. Employees

Show some pictures of your staff and employees. This will add a personal touch to your business that customers will love. If you have some employees on your staff who are experts in their fields, you should show their qualifications on this page.

10. Your Business Equipment

If your business uses some special equipment to perform the job, you display it for your customers here. You can also describe the equipment. Tell customers why it is the best to perform the work for them. It can give them a great reason to do business with your company, if you are using state of the art equipment.

11. Give Some Information About the Industry

If you find that your customers would benefit by knowing some of the inside information about your industry, then you should include such information on your website. They might find the information interesting and be thankful that they have gained some new knowledge from you. You will also be demonstrating that you have expert knowledge of the industry.

These are just a few of the things that you can include on your business website. You will have to let the web designer know what information needs to go on your site. When a visitor comes to your website, they are most likely looking for some information. If you can give them this information, they will be more inclined to do business with you. Don`t pass up the opportunity to give your customers what they are looking for.
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