SEO : The Two Biggest Pitfalls to Making Money Online

Make MOney Online, SEO, Internet marketing In your quest to making money online, I’m sure you’ve seen these types of ads…

“Make 5,000 in your first 5 days!” or maybe something like “Make $500 in 48 hrs!”

Anyone who has ever Googled “make money online” has seen hundreds. Are they real? Did someone really make $500 in 48 hrs online?

The answer in many cases is yes, more than likely at some point someone made $500 in their first 48hrs in a program and someone undoubtedly made $5,000 in their first 5 days. These aren’t make believe, technically, however there is one thing that these ads don’t say. the individual did it. That’s what this article is about.

The question you should ask that needs to be answered is “How do I make money online?”

In many cases, the online gurus are telling the truth about their earnings. What only a few will tell you is how and that it cost them thousands of dollars, 50 different programs, and maybe a few former friends they asked 7 times to attend their “party”, before they figured it out. So what was the breakthrough? How did they crack the code?

They overcame these two pitfalls to making money online

1) Lack of Focus

2) Unreasonable Expectation

My mentor made almost $132,000 online last month in one program. He said this to me “I only focus on one program at a time. I focus on what is most important to my business first, and I do it over and over, day after day after day.”

Now when you read that doesn’t it make complete sense? If you are doing 5 different programs and are incredibly organized then more power to you, but in my experience the more on the plate the less the important things are getting done. John Addison, success trainer and founder of Primerica, put it best when he said that ” most people that get into business are like an octopus on roller skates, a whirl of activity, but they aren’t getting anywhere.”

It’s very easy to get caught up in 10 different things when trying to make money online, this causes one to be overwhelmed and once that sets in its hard to reverse. Then before you know it the hopeful decides that “it” doesn’t work and quits.

The second pitfall, unreasonable expectations, actually goes hand in hand with focus. Let me illustrate�

” John decides he wants to make money online. He’s not quite sure how yet, but he understands the potential of the internet. He does a search using “making money online” and gets 197,000,000 results. He eventually picks the one that says “I made $1000 in 2 two days…you can too”. He signs up and then quickly realizes making money is all about the traffic and the 2 gazillion ways to get it. So he starts his program and decides to try Google Adwords. He figures he can set it up on his own, so he throws up a campaign, and he’s off. He’s getting clicks because Google says he owes them money but he isn’t making any. He cant really understand why people aren’t stampeding his website. Its been 6 days and he hasn’t made a single sale and so he decides the thing is a scam and gives up once he realizes he’s out over $500 from Google Adwords and additional programs he bought that looked good too, $75 for some solo ads, and his wrist hurts from doing something called traffic surfing.”

Now let me ask you what happened to John? Well three things really, no focus, no plan, and unreasonable expectations. Once again, some people do make $500 their first 48 hrs, but just because John didn’t doesn’t mean the program is a scam. John had an unreasonable expectation in retrospect because if his plan was to do what is most important in his business, which is driving traffic to a converting website, then he wouldn’t have thought twice about it being six days without a sale. If John had a plan he probably would not have spent money on Google Adwords without knowing what he was doing, and a mentor could have told him about countless ways to get free traffic to his website and been there to refocus him if doubt settled in.

So remember making money online is like the harvest. You must plant the seeds and allow them to cultivate. You must focus your time on the most important elements, plenty of sun, water, and protection. These things take time�only then can you expect the harvest.

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Briana Scurry is a professional athlete and entrepreneur. Briana uses the same focus and drive that has brought her success on the soccer field to the internet marketing Industry. She can be found at

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