SEO Tips: Redecorate Your Web Site To Increase Sales

SEO Tips: Redecorate Your Web Site To Increase Sales, SEO, Adsense, Make Money Online, Google, Adwords,Red , love, excitement, warmth, Pink, White, Blue, Black, Purple, Green,Brown, orange, love, excitement, warmth, Website, Internet Marketing, Web Traffic, Redecorate, Increase Sales The use of the right colors on your web site can actually increase your sales. When people see certain colors they can change their emotions or they can symbolize things related to the colors. Here are a list of colors with some emotions and symbolizations they can cause:

Red – love, excitement, warmthPink – romantic, affection, sensuality

White – purity, peace, perfection

Blue – sky, water, travel, freedom, truth

Purple – royalty, dignity

Black – space, night, authority

Green – money, calm, envy, greed

Yellow – light, purity, understanding

Orange – autumn, youthfulness, fire

Brown – wood, comfort, strength

Its very important to know which emotions or symbolizations will trigger your target audience to buy your product or
service. If your selling a money-making product you should use green colors to represent money or bring out the emotion
of greed. People also associate comfort and travel with money so you maybe want ad in some brown and blue colors on your web site.

The same principle can be applied to graphics or pictures of your product on your web site. Package your products with colors that will trigger your audience to buy. If your selling a book about how to be more romantic, use red and pink colors on the cover. I hope these simple web site color techniques will increase your business’s sales.

Quote of the Day:

“It is the character of a brave and resolute man not to be ruffled by adversity and not to desert his post.” ~ Cicero

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