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WORDPRESS-updates-3.0.3-icon-social-media-logos-wordpressThe latest stable release of WordPress (Version 3.0.2) is available . If you have no idea what to do with this download, we recommend signing up with one of our web hosting partners that offers a one click install of WordPress or getting a free account on

WordPress 3.0.2 is available and is a mandatory security update for all previous WordPress versions. Haiku has become traditional:

Fixed on day zero
One-click update makes you safe
This used to be hard

This maintenance release fixes a moderate security issue that could allow a malicious Author-level user to gain further access to the site, addresses a handful of bugs, and provides some additional security enhancements. Big thanks to Vladimir Kolesnikov for detailed and responsible disclosure of the security issue!

Download 3.0.2 or update automatically from the Dashboard > Updates menu in your site’s admin area. You should update immediately even if you do not have untrusted users.

Installation/Update Information

To download WordPress 3.0.3, update automatically from the Dashboard > Updates screen in your site’s admin area or visit

For step-by-step instructions on installing and updating WordPress:

If you are new to WordPress, we recommend that you begin with the following:

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