Star Wars in Japan – Tokyo Dance Trooper in Shibuya

Funny, stormtrooper, tokyostormtrooper, shibuya, Dancing,, Funny, Junk, japan ,dannychoo, tokyo, dance, starwars, スター・ウォーズ, ストームトルーパー, 帝国軍, ダンス,渋谷, センター街,anime, youtube  , funny clip keke.. very funny Star Wars Storm Trooper dance by Danny Choo .. enjoy 😀

Behind the scene of the Tokyo Dance Trooper in Shibuya video..

Previous version made it to the top of (a snapshot of it).

Was rather happy when Lucasfilm sent mail saying that it gave them a giggle 😉

Video was shot right after the party that YouTube invited us to – the “YouTube Mix” in Omotesando where we got to meet the co-founder of YouTube Steve Chen. T’was a great party.

This time round, the codpiece came off half way through so we didn’t shoot that much this time. Going to glue that codpiece down and attempt to do some more dancing in another location around Tokyo.
Music by the fab
Camera work by Hector at
The most awesome saga at

More video here : Danny Choo

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