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Cool Stuff: The Evolution Of Super Mario Bros 30th Anniversary


In honor of Super Mario Bros.’s 30th birthday, here’s the evolution of the plumber who started it all. Check out how much he’s changed over the years, and discover a few of his more obscure titles. For the sake of your patience and our sanity we’ve excluded games from the Mario universe’s extended cast which don’t include Mario himself (e.g., Diddy Kong Racing), unaltered ports, compilation games (Super Mario All-Stars), and Mario-inspired easter eggs.

Art:Horse Photo Animation – After Muybridge by Cassandra C. Jones


“After Muybridge” is a loop made from 12 stock photographs that are sequenced to re-create the locomotion of a galloping horse. The animation was modeled after one of Eadweard Muybridge‘s most famous motion studies called “Daisy”. Cassandra C. Jones sifted through over 5,000 digital images to find 12 that matched his original photos. Check out …