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The 4th BOLATHON Charity Fun Run & Masquerade Walk 2018


HOPE Bolathon Charity Fun Run & Masquerade Walk 2018 is a charitable, fun & sports-themed event, inspired by the 4-years-once Global football world cup event”. Its objective is to bring family and friends together for a fun & memorable time, and raise funds for HOPE worldwide Malaysia’s Community Programs for the underprivileged which focuses on Health, …

Art: Thomas Kinkade, The Painter of Light Drawings


Thomas Kinkade, known as The Painter of Light, creates idealistic, life-affirming images of tranquility, hope and comfort, suffused in a soft, gloriously illuminated palette. America`s most collected living artist, Kinkade communicates strong faith and values through his warm tones, soft edges and an overall sense of light, similar to that of 19th century Luminists. Kinkade …

Art: Startdrawing in GREEN


Startdrawing in GREEN is a project that unites artists from all over the world to combat our climate crisis! A project initiated by startdrawing.org, this site is a collection of global artists banding together to draw in GREEN and spread the message to the rest of the world. A total of 34 countries have participated, …